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Programs & Guidelines

County Fund Program Options

The following programs are available through County Agricultural Development Funds. They require prioritization from the County Agricultural Development Council.
County Agricultural Investment Program (CAIP)
CAIP is designed to provide farmers with incentives to allow them to improve and diversify their current production practices. through its 10 investment areas, which include commercial production of aquaculture; bees and honey; equine; forage; beef and dairy cattle; goats and sheep; horticulture; poultry; swine; and timber, as well as energy efficiency and production; farm infrastructure and water enhancement; marketing; and value-added production.

Guidelines, application to administer the program and reporting forms are available at the link above.

Deceased Farm Animal Removal Program (DAR)
This program was developed to serve as measure to facilitate the coordination of environmentally sound and cost effective disposal of deceased livestock for Kentucky producers. Through this program County Agricultural Development Councils will have the opportunity to commit a portion of their county's agricultural development funds to an approved program within their county.

2013 DAR Application & Guidelines  ::  Reporting Forms
Visit for information about environmental programs available through the Ky. Division of Conservation.

Shared-use Equipment Program
The Shared-use Equipment Program is designed to impact a high number of producers who cannot justify ownership expenses associated with certain equipment by helping them access technology necessary to improve their operations in an economical manner.

2013 Shared-Use Application & Guidelines :: Reporting Forms

The above are just a few of the options available for use of county funds. Other ideas and opportunities may utilize county funds by applying to the county, using the 2013 Project Application.

State Fund Eligible Programs

Farmers' Market Competitive Grants
The 2013 Farmers' Market Competitive Grant Program was developed to provide local farmers' markets the opportunity to access state Agricultural Developments Funds for the construction of permanent facilities for their markets or the expansion of existing markets, as well as additional market resources that may be needed.

2013 Farmers' Market Application & Guidelines :: Reporting Forms
On-Farm Energy Efficiency & Production 
The 2013 KADF On-Farm Energy Efficiency & Production program provides incentives for Kentucky farm families to increase energy efficiency and renewable fuel production. Successful applicants may receive up to 50 percent reimbursement of the actual cost of a qualified energy saving item, up to $15,000. Applications will be reviewed and scored quarterly.

Guidelines and application are available at the link above.