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Staff Contact List

Kentucky Office of Agricultural Policy emails will change at the end of April.  Please watch for updated information for your contacts.

All emails sent to the email addresses will be forwarded until the end of May.  Some staff phone numbers may change, as well.

Brian Lacefield
Executive Director
(502) 782-1770 (Direct Line)
(502) 229-7121 (Cell)

Bill McCloskey
Deputy Executive Director
(502) 782-1766 (Direct Line)
(502) 382-6093 (Cell)

Lindsay Bates
Administrative Loan Manager
(502) 782-1758

Sarah Bryant
KADF Programs Manager
(502) 782-1765

Kelly Childers
Office Manager
(502) 782-1755

Sandra Gardner
Director of Compliance & Outreach
(502) 782-1759 

Bill Hearn
Fiscal Officer
(502) 782-1767

Ali Hulett
Loan Programs Manager
(502) 782-1760 

Kara Keeton
Director of Communciations
(502) 782-1731

Danielle Milbern
Senior Project Manager
(502) 782-1771 

Brian Murphy
General Counsel
(502) 782-1768

Milinda Sosby
Boards and Special Events Manager
(502) 782-1762 

Nicholas Van Over
Compliance Manager
(502) 782-1764

Martin Williams
Project Manager
(502) 782-1763

Updated: 06/01/2021​​​

​Office Contact Information

Mailing Address
Kentucky Office of Agricultural Policy
404 Ann Street
Frankfort, KY 40601

Electronic Contact

Phone Numbers
502-564-4627, main line
502-564-8990, fax1
502-564-0221, fax2

​Questions about...?

KADF Programs
Sarah Bryant
KADF Logo / Public Relations
Kara Keeton
Reporting / Compliance
Sandy Gardner, Nick Van Over