State KADF Initiatives

The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board's continues search for innovative proposals that increase net farm income, positively affect tobacco farmers, tobacco-dependent communities and agriculture. To address certain needs of agriculture and the agriculture economy, the following state KADF supported programs have been developed.

On-Farm Energy Efficiency Incentives Program

The KADF On-Farm Energy Efficiency Incentives Program provides incentives for Kentucky farm families to increase the energy efficiency of existing equipment or facilities. Successful applicants may receive up to 50 percent reimbursement of the actual cost of a qualified energy saving item, up to $10,000. Applicants may also be reimbursed an additional $150 for a third-party energy audit.
Deadlines (2021): April 16; Aug. 20; Dec. 17
Guidelines                 Application                   Producer Itemization Form

On-Farm Water Management Program

The KADF On-Farm Water Management Program provides incentives for Land-Grant and REgional Universities, Non-Profits and Kentucky farm families to financially incentivize better water managemenet practices across the Commonwealth. Applicants may apply in one of three areas: Research, Developemnt and Demonstration (RDD); Producer Implemented Project (PIP); or Small Scale Grant (SSG).
Deadlines (2021): Jan. 29; April 23; July 30; Oct. 29

Meat Processing Investment Program

The KADF Meat Processing Investment Program (MPIP) providesfunding for meat processors who are currently or plan to become USDA certified to financially incentivize economical expansion of businesses to process Kentucky beef, dairy, pork, lamb, goat and poultry products. Applicants may apply in one of three areas: Level 2 - Simplified Processor Capacity Expansion; Level 3 - Large-Scale Processing Expansion; or Level 4 - New Processing Facility Expansion.
Deadlines (2021): March 26; June 25; Sept. 24; Dec. 27

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