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County Comprehensive Plans

In November 2014, the KADB called for an update to county plans for 2015 and every five years thereafter.  KOAP has developed a template, below, that all plans will use.

Deadline: Oct. 31, 2020

Template (98 KB) - PDF fill-in form; additional information/documents may be attached at the end of the planSave a copy of the form to your computer for future editing.
Board Resolution (100 KB) - encourages county councils to discuss and develop creative, new ideas to improve Kentucky's agricultural economy at the regional level.

Kara Keeton, 502-782-1731

County Council Membership

2020-2022 County Agricultural Development Council member terms will expire June 30, 2022

If changes are made prior to the end of the 2020-2022 term, the County ANR Extension Agent (or designated person) submits updated information, using the form below and noting who is being replaced.

Current terms expire June 30, 2022.
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Questions? Call Sandra Gardner at 502-782-1759

County Council Orientation

Call our office at 502-564-4627 or email to request a KOAP staff representative to attend your next County Agricultural Development Council meeting. If your council does not need an orientation, then we can give a brief update on any issues at the state level and answer any questions.

KADF Update, April 2021
County Accounts
Click on the PDF link below to view county account information through August 3, 2021.
Adobe Portable Document File (25 KB)
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Council Forms
Conflict of Interest - multiple
Priority Sheet - CAIP / NextGen
Priority Sheet - non-CAIP / Non-NextGen
- For all other non-CAIP/non-NextGen applications.

Standard Operating Guidelines
A Guide for County Cooperative Extension Agents and County Agricultural Development Councils
Revised 2/19/2021
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