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Project Reporting

[Updated: 1/10/2019]
General Information:
As part of the legal agreement for funding, reports of the funds expended and the activities funded are required to be submitted on a semi-annual basis, until all funds are expended. Annual reports are due on the anniversary of the legal agreements execution date, until a letter of completion is received from this office. These reporting measure are necessary so that the Agricultural Development Board ("Board") may evaluate the success of the project and the impact to Kentucky's agricultural economy.

Beyond these standard requirements, some agreements may have other specific reporting requirements, based on the uniqueness of the project. Project contacts should check their legal agreements.
Report Submission:
Reporting forms should be sent electronically to the compliance department at
Annual Reports:
All projects must submit the Project Annual Report (647 KB) on the anniversary of their legal agreement's execution date. Depending on the project, annual reports may be required several years after the funds have actually been expended.
Semi-Annual Reports:
Semi-Annual reporting, which includes the Semi-Annual Progress & Expenditure Report (162 KB), must be completed and forwarded to this office no later than six months following the execution of the legal agreement.

Projects, which provide cost-share to individual producers, must also submit a Semi-Annual Expenditure Detail (37 KB), which provides a list of who received cost-share and how much each was paid.

Certain Farmers Market projects may be required to report sales.  The following template may be used to submit this information: farmers market sales report.

Project requiring special information be submitted will be sent any special reporting forms directly.  Please contact (502-782-1759) if you have any questions.
Quarterly Reports:
Projects with quarterly reporting, which includes the Quarterly Progress & Expenditure Report (162 KB), must be completed and submitted to this office no later than 30-days after the end of each quarter, or as specified in the legal agreement.
Forgiveness Detail Reports:
Projects that were approved by the Agricultural Development Board as Forgivable Loans prior to 2015 must submit either a Forgiveness Detail: Products Purchased (661 KB) or a Forgiveness Detail: Events (664 KB) with their annual report.
File Formats:
If you need a different format than those presented, then e-mail to request a specific format.
If you are using programs other than Microsoft Office programs, then please save your files in another format, such as tab delimited (.txt), comma delimited (.cvs) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).