CAIP Administrator Training

The Kentucky Office of Agricultural Policy will be hosting the 2021 CAIP Administrator Trainings.  These regional training sessions will initially be held virtually.

CAIP administrators are the target audience for the 2-hour training sessions that will focus on changes to CAIP, frequently asked questions, compliance, and reporting.  

Who Should Attend? Program administrators - the individual(s) involved in daily management of the program for the administrative entity - are required to attend one session. This training must occur prior to execution of a new legal agreement for CAIP.  Others involved or interested in the agricultural development process, especially extension agents, are welcome to attend.

Note: At this time, CAIP trainings will be held via Zoom, due to state employee travel restrictions. For current information about COVID-19 and updates, visit
Pre-registration is required. Please pre-register on the date link below, so we know how many will be on each Zoom meeting and can send the meeting ID and password to registrants.
2021 CAIP Administrator Training Dates/Locations*
All sessions will be held 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. ET.
Jan. 19, via Zoom - complete
Feb. 25, via Zoom - complete
March 23, via Zoom - complete
April 14, via Zoom - complete
May 12, via Zoom
June 23, via Zoom
July TBD
* Please plan ahead and schedule training, if there is a chance that you will administer a CAIP program in 2021.
Advanced registration is required to receive the meeting ID and password. 
Click date above for link to on-line registration.  Pre-register at least three (3) days in advance of the session.

Questions?  Contact us at (502) 564-4627 or
Martin Williams, KADF Programs Manager

: CAIP Administrator Training